Sunday, August 19, 2007

summer joys

Entry one
August 16th 2007 8:31 pm

Getting ready to go to a simple drive-in ( which is just down the road) turns out so complexed. How is this so hard? I know why, it's involving parents, but of course. From tough questions leading from:
"What candy sha'll we bring?" to " "Which flavour licorise?" Oh my chee-zits this is bad.

Where going to the movies and my father has to pack a full course meal, ridiculous.
"Maybe I'll pack some cheese.."

that set my mom and I off laughing, my dad can;t last that long without food!

"Why don't you go give the pups a reat befor we leave, since their staring at us."

"Well if you weren't spazzing about cheese they wouldn't be.."

"my knee's? What about them?"

Ohhhh, how my papy is deaf, and I am slowly not being able to handle it. Hopefully I don't turn out like that old fart.

2 minutes later

"Grumpff" I guess I'm actually stuck going out with them, on my sister's 18th birthday. While my best friend Dana is at a sleepover, which I'm not invited to. I don't think I would have went anyway because out of the 4 people that are going, they've never have boy contact, or booze/pot contact, pure weirdo's...what would we do.. play board games? Not my style.. but when Dana informed me that I was not invited, I was like wow thanks.. but 10 minutrs later Kirsten ( host of the partay) calls me to see if i could go to her cottage wit her over the weekend. HA yeah right. But of course I say yes, to prove how pathetic my life has came too. But after a day I did call her back adn decline reporting that it was my sister's birthday party and I couldnt miss it, even though there is no party. Dang.

9:00 pm

So we went to the drive-in, didn't stay for all two movies because; a) Daddy-o has already fallen asleep b) Mother didn't want to see it and c) I had to urinate REALLY badly.

Waiting for this movie to start, oh my god, it was supposed to start now, but does it? of course not

9:17 pm

My jam comes on the radio
"MOM can you please turn it up back here, i can't hear it, and i love this song"
"Excuse me?...

" I'll Start singing this so I can hear it if you don't turn it up..

" SHE CA...

*volume of radio turns up.*

That's what I like to hear. Didn't even get two full words in, hahaha. I control my mother.

9:25 pm

Movie finally starts, and I already have to pee. Why didn't I go befor I left.. oh dang, I did. I must have a bladder problem, this isn't healthy I bet. I'll google it as sooon as I get home.

12:19 am

Talking to Josh. A boy that has had a crush on me since the beging of Second semester of grade nine. Oh poor boy, but I can't hang out with him when he asks, since I say no, and make up a lame excuse, because what happens if he tries to kiss me? Ughck, him..that's pretty narsty.

he always says how " beautiful " I am, and saying stuff like that. But I need a guy who takes charge, and plays it hard to get,. But the problem is, when I do that, and I catch them, I let them go cause I can't stand comitment.

12:21 am

I am utterly bored. No ones talking to me on msn. I feel abannded, it is also after midinght and msot people are off doing something, but tonight, I'm at home, in the summer, of my going onto grade 10th year. Pitty.

August 17th 2007
2:25 pm

Well my mother are sistrer just went off to get their hair cut, when stephanies boyfriend is coming over. So you know what that means? It means I'm stuck babysitting an 18 year old on a friday!! How sad, that this is what my life has came to. It's not bad because he isn't weiord, but it's still very awqward. Like whta am I supposed to do? Order him around, make him be my slave? all of this sounds very tempting but I highly doubt he wil ldo such. He's like 6"1, and me standing at 5"8 can't compare to him, even thoughng he is a gimp in his right foot:) Maybe I can take him, I sha'll try.

5:27 pm

It wasn't as bad I thought it would be. Like at first he was raving on about how Steph left and junk.

" So, I'm babysitting you! That'll be... er'.. 35 dollars at the end, I take debit as along with cash"

" ahaha, you know you're almsot like your sister"

"It's what I have been told."

"But she has huge double D boobs"

"yeah, well I have inherited those..yet
" A lot of people say we look a like, I don't hate it though because after they say Steph's hot"

"ahaha, that's true, so, there admiting their true feelings to you."

What is he talking about? " True feelings" So we watched a movie whilr he ramboled on about steph party last night, to his house, which I fonud out ( after caught snoozing) he's 1 year old pup, got hit by a car. Very sad.

Phone rang, It was steph. He answered.

"yeah, were just making out right now. ahaha."

WHAT!! That better not me, but of course he smiles at me. What a discgusting raodent. Puke.


So after my watch, we got high. I know a girl my age shouldn't be doing it, but I find it relaxing. Kevin made us get caught by our neighbour's. Superb.

I wonder what my buddy Cameron is up to. I have'nt heard from him in 2 days, which is 6 days after I found out Cameron did crack, a day befor. Cameron whata stupid idiot, he could die from it!! Speaking my pot head self.

8:00 pm

Watching High school musical two, I'm affraid there going to ruin the first one by making this.

9:30 pm

Still not over, it's alright but I really want it to be over, it's way to long.


Pee breakk. I reallydo dislike our bathroom lock, for one it doesnt even lock it's messed. And Since my sister Carly had a friend over ( she's from downtown toronto) She just barges in!! I was changing my tampon, and she jsut walks in!

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry"

Ughhhhhhhhhh!! This is one of my most embaressing moment's of my life, I hear in teh background ' Oh my sister's in it?'


"um, I'm using the bathroom right now, can I not ask for some PRIVACY?!"

"What are you doing?"


" Do you have your period!!!!!?"

Could she have shouted any louder? I really don't think the polar bears hear her.

August 18th 2007
12:16 am

Bored as a mother hell can get. I am bored of reading, and watching tv, and getting barged in on in the washroom. So I decided I'd go onto the Internet, but my luck, my stupid wireless is down, so no internet for me. Boo!

I really like Glossette raisins, I may be weird, but man oh man, It's very cool. Atleast I hope.

" Roll roll roll a joint, pick our the seeds, and stems.."

Yes that was me singing, don't be alarmed, It's not nice.

My sister (Steph) is making something to eat, maybe I'll go see if she'll make me something.


steph looks at me, wow sister nice red eyes.

"yo, whats up?"

"nuffin' .. what's up with you?"

"nothin', whats up with you?"


18 seconds later..

'what's up with you?"

"nothin', whats up with you?"

"nuffin'.. you high again?"

"ahaha no, I already did today, I'm just tired now."

"oh, I was gunna say it would have been your what 7th time today?"

"no 5th"

I thought I was bad, poor ol' stephanie, If she gets sent off to a rehab place, I'll not visit. There are sex crazed people there I bet. Well in that case, maybe I will stop by once, just kidding folks.

11:53 am

awoken by a 'crash, bang, and tears'. What the fag is going on out there?! I go out, still listennig into my sister's room, and I hear crying, that woman cryies once a week over ridiculous things, I am not going to bother her. So I enter the bathroom to have a morning pee, and I look at the door, wishing we had a lock and thicking of last nights incident. And holly cow, Carly ( the crying sister) barges in, all red eyes, and sobbing.


"I need to cahnge" she sniffed

" Can you please go into an other bathroom, we have 2, and 3 open spare rooms." I said very nicely

"Sam! My friend just died! okay! I have to get changed!" and throws me out of the bathroom

I really do not have peace i there anymore.

12:34 pm

I do feel bad because it was her friend but how they me wasfrom her school friend dated him. But like I know she was sad, but there was a free bathroom right around the corner. She thinks everyone will just bow down to her.

To let you know all I've heard is his names Sheldon, and he died in a car accident last night.

3:50 pm

went out side to see my pup Milo ( my - low) he's a lab mixed with a collie. he has a twin sister PIper, who is german shepard, I don't know how that worked out.

"Where are you going?" father asked

"To go read on the hamek"

" On the carpet?" he smiled.

wow, he is very deaf, it's terrible.Carpet, Hamek, doesnt even ryhme. I made my way to the hamek, when milo came over, sniffing in my face.

"Milo lay down! You're ugly!"

then he puts his two paws on to teh hamek. As it flips over, and I am on the ground, looking up and Milo slobering on my face. Touche Milo, Touche.


Carly came home. She went up stairs, and I can now hear her crying. No one else is home. what shuold I do? If I go up she'll probably say" SAM GET AWAY I DONT WANANB E EAR ANYONE!" and it'll make me mad, and make her worse, or I'll stay here, and she'll wish I went up to see if everything was all right.


she came down stairs, so I went to talk to her. I feel bad she lost 3 people she knew. She was with him last night an everything. I wanted to tellher everything gets easies. But I don't think it does. It doesn't get easier, you just forget. You forget and move on. You remebr them, but you forget they died, and you move on, and you don'th think of it as much.

7:45 pm

Went out front with Steph, and Kevin. They got high, I did not, I'm not going to do it as often anymore. But while they were, we heard a BANG! BANG! and we looked at our neightbors house, anda red truck and a blue car pulled out of their house so fast, and flew down teh road. No one was home, and those aren;t there cars, so we are thinking they got robbed. Joy.

9:10 pm

Driving Steph and Kevin to a party.

"Steph what nubmer is the house?" my mother asked

"2332 Hendershot."

"Thats gonig to take forever!" I yelled

"Were at 40 now, and they take big breaks in teh nubmers."

3 minutes later

"So good, for taking big breaks! Were only at 46!" mom said

"Well, were in teh boonies, I ment big brakes like the feilds"

9:30 on our way back home.

"Sam put your seat back I can't see the rode."

"Neither can I it why I sit close."

"put it back."

"I put it up because KEvin's tall and he couldnt fit back tehre"

"Well he's gone now sam."

"oh well"

"sorry I dont want to get into an accident!"

"Don't worry, you'll have fun in heaven" As i patted her sholder


August 18, 2007

11:49 am

Going to Jaclyns house. I do not really want to, because the death's have taken apart on our family, and I don't want to leave.

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